How To Check Blog Or Website Source Codes

Are you looking for an easy way to check some blogs/websites’ source codes that can help you to continue your website development or your client project, then this article is for you as you can learn more about how to view any blog/website source codes using two easy methods. 

The first method of checking or viewing a blog source is using an app for android, and the second step is using your internet browsing app or software, the application behind using the app is that you can download the whole source codes, while for the browser you can only copy the code you highlighted.


How To View A Blog Site Source Codes Using App

Viewing a website or blog source codes using the android app is the convenient way. Though you need a little amount of data to download the mobile app from your phone’s playstore.

• Go to your Google playstore, search for HTML Viewer App

• Wait for it to install on your phone and launch it

• Type the complete URL of the blog or website you wanted to view its source codes and click enter

• Wait for it to load the website for you and from there you can select view source codes


• After you can be allowed to download the codes if you need to


How To View A Blog Site Sources Using Browser

This is the second step to check any blog/website source codes if you don’t need the first step.

• Open your phone or PC internet browser 

• Visit the website or blog you wanted to


• To view, the source codes add this view-source: before the link


• Have to look this way, As below:



• Hit enter and wait for it to display the source codes for you


These are the two easy methods you can use to check out any website or blog source codes, hope this article is worthy of sharing with friends.

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