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15+ Free Download Responsive Blogger Templates

As some demanded me to share some free blogger templates that are highly SEO optimized, fully responsive, and mobile-friendly, So I’m glad to share them here with you, Regarding the templates, you can download them at the end of this post and for any discussed blogger template you will have a demo blog link at the end for preview.
Know that all templates that I’m gonna discuss are the best selection and alternate to any template you will find here, By checking out the preview link one can identify which design he can be able to select, After all these templates are zipped and you can only be able to download them all seperately.
Also if you have any trouble with using any of them you can send me a message using my contact form from the contact page.
Let me start discussing the free responsive download blogger templates below:

15 Free Download Responsive Blogger Templates

Know that the following blogger templates shared can be downloaded at the end of anyone discussed, try to check the preview by clicking the demo button to see how the template look, before you download it by the second button.

Amara Free Download Blogger Template

Amara blogger template is another stunning blogger template built with easy layouts and light codes that enable it to deliver rapid loading for any article or page visited on your blog, The suitable kind of this template is that you can customize it accordingly to what color you need, Also you can change the footer links including the copyright owner section without going directly through the HTML codes.
Amara blogger template is a kind of blogger template that always give a good result in the section of optimizing your article SEO which helps to rank you on the search engines result pages (SERP)
With the Amara blogger template, you can create or build any type of blogger site be it tech, news, crypto, android, tutorial, or personal blog.

BuzzSpot Free Download Blogger Template

BuzzSpot Is another quite best blogger template that has the magnificent look and nice font display, this theme has quite neat layouts, Also your posted articles will appear to look stylish, its well adapted with the post image thumbnail also uses the latest Google image format for web (WEBP).
This surely helps the site to load your blog site images faster by using the format, Likewise, buzzspot blog has the coolest subscription widget, not like the other templates, you can link it to your MailChimp account for post newsletters and other things.
The BuzzSpot blogger template supports the post shortcodes which can help you beautify your blog posts and pages.

Cleanify Free Download Blogger Template

Cleanify blogger template is a blogger theme that has simple look, with an eye-catching feature, you can make a minimalist looking blogger site that anyone can access easily with the cleanify blogger template.
Cleanify blogger template has the best feature post displaying widget which makes it look magnificent when used on a blog. Cleanify blogger template helps you to apply ads from Google Adsense or any other third-party ads without it collapsing the widget design, Additionally, it uses the latest SEO tags for better results on the search engines.

Foodify Free Download Blogger Template

The foodify blogger template is another template generation with a comfortable design for food and recipe blogs, you can use this theme to build a cooking tutorial blog and others. The foodify blogger template has some features that are needed for any blogging site like the, responsive design, night mode enabling button, cookies consent notification, and nice post short codes.

Gnews Free Download Blogger Template

The Gnews blogger template had been one the most popular blogger template since its release date because it’s the best template for creating, News, Tech & tutorial blogger sites.
Gnews blogger template contains unmatchable features, which include the SEO optimization of your blog and expert experience for anyone visiting your blog sites.

Jannify Free Download Blogger Template

Jannify blogger template is another blazing and most used blogger template of all time especially when you decided to create good-looking news & magazine, tech, and personal blogs, with zero effort on code you can customize this template in a way you would like without the help of anyone or the company creator support.
Jannify blogger template had its menu navigation on the left, That really makes it look more awesome like other higher websites. This theme has the best user experience when it comes to displaying post article texts, as default the jannify blogger template uses the best Google font ‘Poppins’, Another feature is the good & responsive dark mode button.

MagSoft Free Download Blogger Template

MagSoft blogger template is another quiet & neat blogger template that can display blog posts in a grid style, which gives a more magnificent look, It’s a fast and easy fast post indexing blogger template.
MagSoft blogger template has the feature that you can add any post you read in the bookmark of the blog, while still after you navigate to the blog homepage you can be able to access the article again.
The magsoft blogger template is a blogger template that holds many premium features that anyone is dreaming of on his blog, like the night mode feature, Sticky header style, Awesome navigation, and the cookies consent notification feature.
Demo Download

Plus Ui Free Download Blogger Template

Plus Ui blogger template is the new best ui template after other trending ui themes, this template is created with a soft heart where everyone can control the look of his/her blog without a bit of code knowledge, well with a perfect view of past loading images in the latest google’s web image format ‘Webp’ help your articles to get indexed on any search engine.
From the plus ui blogger template is that you can change the copyright text from the blogger layout editor, and decide whether to display the SVG icons like the search, bookmark, dark mode, translate buttons, and more.

Razer Free Download Blogger Template

The Razer blogger template is another stunning blogger template ready for tech, Seo & tutorial niches, you are advised to use this blogger template as the fact that razer blogger template is the best choice for your need.
Razer blogger template is a highly SEO & 100% responsive blogger template with alternative colors for customizing without the need for color suggestions, Additionally, you can add the contact form to your contact us page by using this shortcode {contactForm} to make it bold for it to work.

SeoPro Free Download Blogger Template

SeoPro blogger template is a simple and minimalist design blogger template that has no featured widget or any post label displaying widget, this almost helps the theme load quickly as expected,  as well as its SEO optimized, and fast articles indexing blogger template.
SeoPro blogger template is all created with a pure heart to deliver magnificent and affordable results on your blog site, you can customize it according to your need starting from the theme color,  to the fonts, widgets, and layout, this template also uses the contact form shortcodes I shared from the other themes discussed.

SmartMag Free Download Blogger Templates

SmartMag blogger template has been a powerful blogger template with ready SEO in the SERP, you can create a nice-looking blog for any kind of niche you wish with this template, and get a better result, this template is actually the best when creating a creative & professional personality blog.
SmartMag blogger template is one of the most used blogger templates worldwide as it has the best and most enhancing looking, It contains features that are enjoyable and are almost premium,  on the smartmag blogger template there are different ways of displaying your published articles and many page shortcodes are available,  like the safe link, download page, site map, contact form & more.

Starter Free Download Blogger Templates

Starter blogger templates almost carry out the same feature as the SeoPro blogger template, it’s only that a little difference,  which you can be able to identify, as the user.
Additionally, you can customize the starter theme color to your requirement and others, but in the absence of a feed burner subscription widget the starter theme is using MailChimp instead, This is another newsletter platform that can be linked with a blogger.

Storify Free Download Blogger Templates

Storify blogger template is a blogger layout that has the coolest and most surprising features, which are responsive and mobile-friendly, yet if you are looking for a blogger template to start a personal blog or tutorial with, well then get started with the storify blogger template.
Storify blogger template has premium features that enable it to deliver a great result, especially for the SEO, and attract your visitors to have minimum traffic to your blog site

SuperMag Free Download Blogger Template

SuperMag blogger template is another level blogger layout that supports all of the blogger template setups from the blogger dashboard, one can easily access and control his blog with the smartmag blogger template installed on his/her blog.
SuperMag blogger template has no any additional requirement for you to use it just install it in the right way and have a better experience on your blog right away.

TechMag Free Download Blogger Template

Techmag blogger template is another splendid blogger template that is very much user friendly and 100% responsive, this template is always ready for designing tech, news, magazine, reviews, SEO & personal blogs.
Techmag blogger template has the best ui design, With a feature like a menu slider, NAV menu, Header logo, Adjustable ads slots, and much more.


By using those 15 free download blogger templates shared one is guaranteed to use them safely without having viruses or issues, You can submit a message about any error you face when using or downloading the themes if so, When we rechecked and find out to be true we will get back to you soon after working hours.

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