What Is Blogging? Complete Beginner Guide

The word blog fully describes what a blogger should be understood, a blog is a simple and informative layout page where I writer or publisher would always like to update his or her article and add new ones, on it. When being a blogger the word has two meanings: ohh, sounds funny right. 

Let’s understand the two meanings.

Blogger/Bloggers is a person or group of people whose always hobbies is about writing and publishing content articles that they think could be informative or help the community as well. Some Bloggers really try to change the entire world with their taught while some like giving out entertaining tutorials. 

Blogger for the second time as we all have the idea from our blogging experience is a platform that Google helps many different types of publishers, to create and build a free blog page for themselves with a free extension. So you need to know blogger doesn’t need your money everything there is free only your work is important to you and your blog to get all the desired audience you wanted to build. 

Okay, I think it’s time to know all the complete guides and solutions behind this creative I created that would help you before going through blogging.

From the start to the end of the article, There would be only questions and answers to some tiny issues I know they will give you back a full hint about what you are thinking about blogging in your mind.

Okay, Let’s Get Started!

How Do I Create A Free Blog is a powerful platform there waiting for you to come, give it a visit and grab the free powerful features, All I should tell you is to have your working emails username I.e, Google account and you are good to get started. 

Go to this address, while completed Create Blog button, Next stage will show you to log in with your Google email and password, don’t worry this is how it works most googles products are using Gmail so move to the next step, Choose blog title name, address name, publisher name and hit the save button to get started. 

Boom! You have successfully created your first new beautiful blog using blogger, what next is the Topic about your blog, Customizing, Settings, Your work, and SEO for your marketing and audience, Then make money fams and friends.

How Can I Choose A Topic To Blog About

Considering the nature of the community you are, from there you can get a full clue about what topic to choose, in your community get to know what is always welcome try it and make it successful, Sometimes you may have the idea to share it world wide then you need to think big about what to get started of doing. 

But if you are not interested in all this may you have your ideas you can use, and also you can search for the blog niches or topics to start with on Google and you may have thousands of answers from it, just think of one and use it like the idea of, Sports news, Tech updates, Gadgets News, School News, Music website, Phone repairs, Magazine, Cooking stuff, Body care and other personal blogging niches E.t.c.

How Can I Post On My New Blog

There are many different ways you can write an article and get it posted on your blog, but the easiest way is to write your post content in one of the powerful text editors after making the article: figure out the errors and make those necessary corrections if there is need of using tool use something like Grammarly and make corrections to errors in your writing online. 

Let your post at least have simple formats, like paragraphs and full stops, and other important signs. 

Then making completing your post now is the time to publish it, Goto your blogger dashboard, select posts, add new posts and create your title then input the post inside. 

If there’s a need for an image please try to include it in your post.

How Do I Customize My Blog

Customizing my blog have two meaning changing the blog design look or color and site fonts changing, okay blogger has three ways of customizing it: By the layout, theme customizer, or theme HTML editor.

If your blog theme is well-developed you can change the look of your blog colors and fonts to whatever style you wanted from the layout and the theme customizer. 

While you go for full customizing HTML editing is the best for you as an expert on code.

What Are The Required Blogger Settings

Not like WordPress blogger needs you to manually make some settings this includes your SEO and indexing settings.

Not doing these settings will make your blog unworthy to search engines because it’s from these settings search engines can understand all that your blog is all about.

Most Blogger Important Settings:

• Add your meta description, It tells about what your blog is all about like you need to put up to 150 characters including your focused keyword and other pieces of information. 

• Enable always visible to search engine, In the privacy option. 

• Add your custom robot.txt file, custom robots code files help you to communicate your blog with the indexing bots about how your blog article should appear on any kind of search engine and search engine results.

Example of custom robots.txt file:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


Edit the link and use this codes its most used generally.

• Enable your custom header tags, this is another important setting you can take a step into it, it’s generally providing how the robots code you added should work. 

For the Home page tag enable: all, nodp

For the Archive and search page tag enable: noindex, nodp 

For the Post and page tag enable: all, nodp

What Is SEO, How To Build Audience With It?

SEO is a way of optimizing your blog or website appearance on general search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and so on. SEO has no limit to work on, So you keep doing it day by day forever meaning in your post you must apply the techniques, in your images and much more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is easy as long you follow the rules for it, You need SEO to improve your sale and marketing, And because of your SEM (Search Engine Marketing). 

How do you think of promoting your blog while SEO is here for you, please if you are creating a powerful blog or website using SEO techniques pal. Because using it you can have the audience you are looking for, especially those that always look for your service when your blog rank on that focused keyword no one will neglect your service, SEO is a powerful tool that can bring you thousands to millions of audience to your service. 

You can practice SEO with your power or hire an expert about it, make him a good offer, and work with him hand to hand, I mean you will see the change in your marketing or blogging.

How To Make Money With Blogging

Making money with blogging isn’t that easy without good traffic on your site, Some monetizing companies do consider what traffic you have on your site before they give you adverts, Though there are many ways to earn with blogging like becoming a content writer or blog/website technician. These two thing earns you a lot of money but before people start to give you work you need to show evidence of your work. 

Therefore you need to have a website that shows how powerful your work is, by seeing the evidence on your blog ranking in the Google search engine and your traffic, that is at least you should have a blog that is writing much about blogging problems solutions and let it rank 1# on search engines. These will build good trust between you can your client and you can at least earn a lot from this kind of service.


I think I have put things easier for you if you are about to start blogging or are already on it because some out of many bloggers are just creating blogs without knowing ways to make them successful, hope this article will help such guys, let me have your comments below.

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