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New Approved MTN Nigeria USSD Codes by NCC

Recently, MTN Nigeria network made an exciting announcement regarding their new USSD codes, which have been approved by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). It’s important to note that while the previous codes are still operational, these new codes have been introduced to enhance user experience and comply with regulatory requirements.

Although there is limited information available regarding the introduction of these new codes, it is clear that they function just as effectively as the familiar USSD codes we have known for years. The changes made to the new codes are primarily minor and aim to optimize the user experience without compromising on functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at the new USSD codes approved by the NCC for MTN Nigeria:

1. Call Center – Dialing 300
For any assistance or inquiries, MTN subscribers can simply dial 300 to reach the Call Center. This code remains unchanged and continues to provide users with access to customer support.

2. Borrow Services – Dial *303#
MTN Nigeria offers a convenient service that allows subscribers to borrow airtime using the USSD code *303#. This service helps users stay connected even when they have insufficient credit, and the code remains the same.

3. STOP Service (VAS) – Dial *305#
To manage Value-Added Services (VAS) and unsubscribe from any unwanted services, subscribers can use the USSD code *305#. This code remains unchanged, ensuring users can easily control their subscriptions.

4. Check Balance – Dial *310#
To quickly check their balance, MTN Nigeria subscribers can dial *310# and receive instant information about their airtime, data, and other account details. This USSD code remains the same and provides a hassle-free balance checking experience.

5. Credit Recharge – Dial *311#
MTN Nigeria’s credit recharge service is accessible through the USSD code *311#. Subscribers can conveniently recharge their accounts using this code, which remains unchanged.

6. Data Plan – Dial *312#
For users who wish to subscribe to data plans or manage their existing data subscriptions, the USSD code *312# remains the go-to option. It provides an efficient and straightforward way to control data usage and enjoy uninterrupted internet access.

7. Registration/NIN-SIM Linkage – Dial *996#
MTN Nigeria has introduced the USSD code *996# for the purpose of registration and National Identification Number (NIN) and SIM linkage. This code allows subscribers to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure their SIM cards are registered with their NINs.

8. MTN Share N Sell – Dial *321#
To facilitate the transfer of airtime credit from one MTN subscriber to another, the USSD code *321# remains the designated method. This code enables users to conveniently share and transfer airtime with ease.

These are the newly approved MTN Nigeria USSD codes by the NCC. By implementing these codes, MTN aims to provide an improved user experience, seamless functionality, and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

It’s worth noting that USSD codes are designed to be quick and easy to use, enabling users to access various services and manage their accounts effortlessly. With these new codes, MTN Nigeria subscribers can continue to enjoy the benefits of a reliable and user-friendly network while staying connected with their friends, family, and loved ones.

In conclusion, MTN Nigeria’s announcement of the new USSD codes approved by the NCC demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. These codes provide MTN subscribers with convenient access to essential services, including customer support, balance checking, credit recharge, data plans, and more. By embracing these new codes, MTN Nigeria continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience in the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape.

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