How to Create http Injector File For MTN South Africa 2021

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In this article I will teach you how to make HTTP injector file for MTN south Africa (ehi) Step by Step, I am using this opportunity to apologize to my visitor from South Africa, as we have taken it without a proper update of HTTP injector files, so I have decided to teach you how to create the file yourself, what we need you to do is, read this article carefully. after you have finished reading and watch the video at the end
http Injector File For MTN South


Today, like what I told you above, I am going to teach you how easily you can create http Injector File For MTN South yourself. So, I am going to use a video tutorial and also writing a post to explain the steps.

STEP 1. Create your SSH account and convert it to IP address – see on the vides below

Note:  you can create SSH account with “tcpvpn” or create as what you will see in the below video 

Step 1 – Go to the Google, search for “tcpvpn” and tab on the first link 

Step 2 – scroll down and choose of the server  ASIA, EUROPE, AMERICA,  but ASIA is recommended  


Step 3 – scroll down and choose one of Asian  country, Singapore is recommended, 


then tab on create a username and password, the second server is recommended 

Step 4 –  fill ur username and password, write them with letters and numbers


now  we compete Creating SSH file, let us back to HTTP injector save them 


STEP 2. Go to duckdns to substitute the Host Name – see on the vides below
STEP 3. Launch the Http Injector app and Clear any existing Config file,
STEP4:  Input your SSH Server details, and click on save
STEP 3. Tab On Payload Generator
STEP 4: Under Payload generator, put the following code:
 URL/Host =
 Tick Online Host                       Tick User Agent
 Tick Forward Host                    Tick Keep Alive 
Then click on generate 
STEP 5: After you create Payload  successfully, Then Input the remote Proxy and ip: port :
ProxyIp/Host =
Note: the host is changing dua to working bug host, so you have to find a working bug host and use it instead of our Host
Port=  also this port can be changed from 8080 to 443 or 80 
STEP 7: Then Click on Start Button. 

Note: Make sure you fill everthing good

That’s All, so now watch the below video

Watch this video carefully, and to the same about what you have seen
That All Friends i hope is post is helpful, especially South Africas, Pls Shere our post to your loved ones and leave a comment in the comment box 
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    Please help me, How can i create ehi files for Econet Zimbabwee

  3. obinacom says

    Am in Nigeria & just get to kW abt this new…will it work in my country Nigeria? & can I used it on my laptop ? Reply plz

  4. Umar Maigamba says

    Ok http injector stop working in Nigeria

  5. Unknown says

    Your wifi is on

  6. Umar Maigamba says

    Go the contact us page and message me

  7. Anonymous says

    Thanks bro. Works for mtn. Is it unlimited? Or is there a cap?

  8. Unknown says

    How can i creat a configuration file for xp psiphon

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    Plz help me with direct ssh method

  10. Umar Maigamba says

    use fast SSH

  11. Umar Maigamba says

    we will soon bro

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