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New MTN SA Unlimited Free Browsing Setting Without Config file | Via 24Clan VPN Lite

Recently I posted a Vodacom Unlimited Free Browsing Setting for South Africa, so because of some Animals wrap in the human skin reported the cheat while we are working hard, the setting gets blocked, so i decided to bring you another Setting for free browsing”MTN SA UNLIMITED” it is like Vodacom Unlimited and they are working in the same VPN which is  24Clan VPN Lite, no need to download config file anymore.

New Tweak are Added

you are always asking for MTN SA files in our WhatsApp Group and Telegram Channal, so you will be happy now because this setting it working with out any config file  

How Active MTN SA Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

If you have a 24Clan Vpn Lite you will just update your tweak inside the app,

Step 1
You must update App tweak, tab on the 3 lines in the top left side of the app, the tab on Tweaks Update

Step 2
In the “Server  Section”  tab on one of the South Africa Server, they are,

  • South Africa 0.0k Server 1,
  • South Africa 0.0k Server 2,
  • South Africa 100mb Server,
  • South Africa 200mb Server, 

Step 3
In “Tweak Section” or “Direct” tab on one of the South African Tweak 

Note: You must select the same  Saver and Tweak.  Example if you Select South Africa 0.0k Server 1 then  select “South Africa 0.0k Sever 1″ in the Tweak  as well,

like what u see in below photo, select the same Server and Tweak 

Then Tab on the App logo, located in the center of the App, wait for 30 seconds it will be connected,
Some Sim Card are enjoying unlimited while other can only use 200mb daily or 100mb daily, it defended on your sim card, that all friends

if you have a question ask in the comment box below

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