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How To Make Call Without Airtime On Glo 2023

Good day guys today i come with an update that you would likely love most, because it’s made especially for those of you who like calling your love ones or anything like that.

Glo pay4me is now the service method i’m about to share to some this isn’t a new way to call for free using your glo sim.

You must know that if you are calling your partner with this method not that all calls charges must be deducted from the account of someone you are calling.

Things Should Benefit With This Service

Free call to any Glo phone number

Making and emergency call even without money on your Glo sim account

How To Call For Free On Your Glo Sim

Goto your phone dialer, Type the Glo phone number you wanted to call and add 7733 at then number end e.g

090111333447733, after the person you called accepted the call, you will start enjoying your free call.

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