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Mtn TikTok Free Browsing Cheat Using Stark Vpn | Free Browsing Cheat 2022

Today i’m going to introduce you another mtn tiktok free browsing cheat for 2022 with the aid of using stark vpn app to powered it, if you could remembered last month i made a post about Mtn nigeria unlimited free browsing cheat settings on our official telegram channel, but doesn’t take longer and get blocked.

So today i’m going to show you guys how to browse and powered the mtn tiktok data to browse, chat, watch youtube videos and more.

This free browsing is not free as usual because you need to purchase mtn tiktok data before it works, well some might need the mtn tiktok data plans code to make thier satisfaction with the only tiktok chat, while some will still need to bypass it for free browsing and all network connections.

Mtn TikTok Free Browsing Cheat Requirements

~ Your smartphone version must be from 5.0 {lollipop} to above for smooth function & user experience

~ Must have a stable 3g or 4g internet connection

~ RAM storage for atleast 1gb and above

~ Make sure you have N200 or N50 in your Mtn account balance

~ Latest version of stark vpn reloaded app, to download click here

How To Purchase Mtn TikTok Data To Make The Free Browsing Cheat Work

After you reach out almost all the requirements, now dial this code *406*5# to purchase either the 200mb for N50 or 1gb for N200.

After done purchasing the mtn tiktok data now move to the next step below.

How To Browse The Internet & Chat On Social Media With Your Mtn TikTok Data Using The Stark Vpn App

Turn on your internet mobile data, and make sure you installed the latest version of stark vpn app, if you haven’t i already shared the download link in the requirements headline above.

Next launch the app and click on the Update, now new tweaks will be added including the mtn tiktok free browsing tweak settings, select it and hit the red button to get connected.

Hope you get it connected and i hope you will enjoy your free browsing.

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