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New MTN free Browsing cheat Using hammer VPN

The new MTN free browsing cheat is here again in another new way . We can now browse free again on MTN using Hammer VPN.

Hammer VPN is another good VPN app with inbuilt servers that include both free and premium servers. Today, and now we have a full setting of this VPN for Free Browsing.

Hammer VPN is a foreign-based VPN app, that does not work in Nigeria and other African countries but don’t worry, we have cracked it and it will work for you.

 MTN Hammer VPN Cheat Unlimited?


 This Is The Reason:

Hammer VPN is a free server that is capped at 100MB per day. When you finish it, you can switch to another free server and connect again. Each server is capped at 100MB per day. With this, you can enjoy up to 500MB per day using this Hammer VPN?

Hammer VPN Settings For MTN Free Browsing Cheat


  • * MTN 4G or 3G sim without active data 
  • * make sure is only MTN in your Phone 
  • * Default MTN APN settings 
  • * Hammer VPN APK – Download here. Don’t update the app.

> After installing the Hammer VPN app, open it and set it like this;

> Username: Leave it at default

> Password: leave it as it was

> Server: Choose  free servers 64, 61, 70, 41,5, 

> Now add these ports to the two boxes: The first box is 8080 and the second box is 9201. Just like the below screenshot.


> Then Connect and wait for about 10- 20 seconds for the VPN to establish a connection and then finally get connected. Once it gets connected, launch your browser and start browsing, streaming, and downloading.
       That all friends 

Hope you found this post useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment box below. Make sure to join our Telegram Group and Whatsapp Groupfor more free browsing cheats.

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