4 Best Apps For Applying Custom MTZ Themes On Xiaomi, Poco, Mi & Redmi

For those who know, or don’t know, Xiaomi phones have some features that not every phone has, like downloading and applying a theme to the phone by using its official theme manager app.  But in some cases it is not possible to find good themes in it, that’s why some 3rd party theme developers are creating good themes that you can download and then apply it in the miui version of your xiaomi from MI itself.  , to Poco and Redmi.

The thing that prevents you from getting good 3rd party themes is one to two reasons, Xiaomi theme manager doesn’t like the app that is similar to other phone brands because of copyright, I know some people don’t understand me when I say themes on the phone.  The themes are similar to the launcher but they also have many differences and among them, the launcher slows down the phone a lot and the actual launcher app is not from the original phone company.  But if it’s a theme manager, each phone has its own system, it’s better if your phone supports the theme manager app, just use it, you don’t have to download it anywhere. Go to the phone menu or setting and find it, Because of improvement or fixing bugs, you have to update the theme manager that your phone comes with on a regular basis.

After that, since you have come to this page to get information about 4 apps that will allow you to install a custom .mtz theme file.  All xiaomi phone models use .mtz unlike huawei phones whose custom theme file name they use is .hwt.  For example, if Xiaomi is running MIUI and the theme file name is similar to xxx.mtz, ‘xxx’ is the file name, and .mtz is the extension.

Also in Huawei EMUI xxx.hwt is the file of every theme, at the end of this post you will understand how to use these apps to install any kind of theme you want easily on any kind of MIUI version phones.

There are four apps that you can download and they will help you in applying any type of mtz file that you download.  Many people are looking for these apps, but not even a site has given a satisfactory explanation about them since you came here, I hope you will learn how to use them, this is the hope of ArewaTechBog.

4 Best For Applying Any MTZ File On Xiaomi Model

MIUI Theme Editor

This is one of the main app that is developing or editing any theme in MIUI Xiaomi models, and it gives access to cool or any other 3rd party themes in your Mi, Redmi or POCO phone.

What I am going to explain is how you can attach any kind of MTZ theme file to this app on your Xiaomi Miui version phone.

Miui theme editor is available on your playstore, and you can download or buy its premium version on internet search.

How to Apply Custom Mtz Theme Using MIUI Theme Editor:

  • Download MIUI Theme Editor On Playstore
  • Open the MIUI Theme Editor App
  • Now Select The Browse Option and locate the folder to the custom third party app
  • Now Select the Start option followed by Next option
  • Select the finish option, You will have a notification message asking you to install the theme, Proceed to the install option
  • When the theme is successfully installed then, Go to your theme app manager and Apply it.

MI Rape – Third Party Theme Installer

This is another alternative app that you can use to install any other custom mtz theme file, in a few seconds you can install any theme you want.  You might not be able to find this app on playstore but you can find it on the apk download sites, just search for ‘mi rape app’ on Google search and you would find it and download.

How To Use Mi Rape – Third Party Theme Installer

  • Open the Mi Rape App
  • Click on create new project
  • Select your .mtz third party theme file
  • Wait for it to process, Make sure you click the build button to install the app, When it is done, a message will appear telling you to apply that theme.

This is quite different from the MIUI Theme Editor because you cannot find any theme in your theme manager after the installation on the mi rape app, you only have to install it on the mi rape app.

MIUI Theme Kit App

This app only works for the MIUI version above 11.0.0, you can’t find this app on playstore too, you need to search for it on the internet and download it too.

How To Use MIUI Theme Kit

  • Open the MIUI Theme kit app
  • Select the second option
  • Import the .mtz theme file
  • And finally when its done apply it

MTZ Tester – Apply MIUI Theme

The last among the best miui third party theme installer for applying theme is the mtz tester app, you can download this app on playstore, as the above miui theme kit, that’s how it works too.

How To Use MTZ Tester App

  • Open the mtz tester app
  • Click on create button, Locate to the mtz theme folder
  • Import, Install and apply it.


When importing the third party themes, Make sure they are all in .mtz files or else if they are in zip rename them to mtz, If you refuse to do so you might encounter some issues while installing or applying themes on your Xiaomi Mi, POCO or Redmi.

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