How To Update iPhone With Mobile Data || No Need For Wifi Anymore

Hii Guys welcome to 24hours TopNet, In this article, We are going to know how to update iPhone to latest ios update That’s ios 14.5 released this month of 2021 using mobile data not wifi. The main idea is to get to know a quick method of iPhone software update download.
To Update Your iPhone To ios 14.5 Using phone data not wifi simply follow the steps below

iPhone Update Software Download ios 14.5

Kindly follow the procedures below to update your iPhone to ios 14.5 using mobile data no need for wifi anymore;

Step1: Go to settings


Step2: Click on mobile data

Step3: Turn On your mobile data

Step4: Go to General and click on software update

Step5: After it’s completed a screen like this will appear

Now have a look at the Download and Install button in the above image. It’s not clickable why because the iPhone is not connected to a wifi network.


Step6: Then go back to General home page

Step7: Click on date and time settings

Step8: Change the date and to the next month

Step9: And then go back to general and re-click on software update and now a page like this will appear 

And here the Download and Install button is clickable simply because we changed the date to the next month and the issue is completely resolved.

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Hope you found this post useful.

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