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How To Make Free Phone Calls Over a WIFI Network

how to make free phone calls
What people always want is to find a way that will save them money especially in this time of COVID 19 when things get more expensive, that’s why we made this post on how to make free phone calls through using a WIFI network.
how to make free phone calls


WIFI Local Area Network will be used to communicate between device and device or phone to phone no less than 50 meters because WIFI network is not as far away as cellular Network that uses SIM Card.
This is why the WIFI network is used to communicate between sub-divisions of offices, so that they can communicate with each other in the same office and in the same staff, such as banks, police stations, and so on.
Without delay, I will show you how to make a free phone call between phone and phone or a group of phones that are not less than 50 meters and WIFI Network.

Features of WIFI Free Calling

  • No phone line required
  • Phones can be connected to a phone like Walkie Talkie
  • You can find Experts to increase the network distance
  • and so on

How To Make Free Phone Calls

There are many apps that do this job, but this time we will use an App called “WIFI Calling and Walkie Talkie“. Download it Here
Step 1 – After you download it from the above link install the WIFI Calling App
Step 2: Open the App, There are 2 features in the App, either you can choose “WiFi Calling” or “Walkie Talkie“,
WIFI call stands for a single call, If WiFi Call: One phone will press “+ Call” and another phone will wait to receive this call, and then you can talk to each other.
Walkie Talkie Stand for Groups Call, If you have selected Walkie Talkie: One phone will click “Create Group” others and up to 3 phones then click “Join Group“, then select the device and wait until the counting is complete and then you will start using this app (up to 50 Meters).
That’s all friends. thank you for Visiting, Hope you find this post useful. Don’t forget to Share Our Post with your best friends, also if you have questions ask in the comment section below.

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