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Airtel 100mb Daily Data Trick

If you are following arewatechblog updates then you might have know this trick before, It seems some don’t even know this trick existed if you are one then this article is definitely for you. you don’t need to be an expert just try to follow the steps and get started with your own free airtel 100 mb daily free browsing.

As you all know we simply use the Stark vpn app to tweak some internet free browsing for free because it’s one. Of the most powerful and free setting up android vpn. As it does not need much of your android version, with your android v5.0 you could be able to install this app and tweak the settings to start enjoying your free browsing.

Requirements For Airtel 100MB Daily Trick

• Get your Airtel simn with 0.00k (without data)

• Your mobile phone (Android device)

• 3g, 4g or 5G is enough to run the tweak

• At least 1GB Ram to above

How to Download Start VPN Reloaded

Go to your android phone play store and search for stark vpn reloaded, once completed installed follow the next step to tweak this Airtel 100mb free internet trick. If you can find it on playstore click here to download the latest version.

How To Step Up Airtel 100MB Daily

• Now run the latest version of start vpn reloaded on your phone.
• Click on update tweaks from the app navigation option list, once done, Go back to the app homepage.

• Select the Airtel 50MB Daily tweak, and tap the Connect Button when it capped at 48mb then
• Select the Airtel 48MB Daily tweak and connect it again.

And finally you will enjoy free 100MB free browsing on Airtel daily, Make sure you selected the tweaks respectively.

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