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How To Make Fast Money Daily With Go-alpha

Go-alpha is currently in progress in Nigeria until April this year. Read our ArewaTechBlog  review and see for ourselves the experience of this new platform.

This platform is currently fresh and we have already tested the platform to see if it really works. We started with a N5,000 plan and deducted our earnings every two days.

But before you sign up, make sure you read the entire post to see if you can do it or not.

What Is Go-alpha-ng All About?

This is a new platform launched in Nigeria that gives you almost 10% return on investment every day. All you have to do is sign up and invest in each of their plans, earn your ROI daily and withdraw as soon as you earn N1,000.

How Go-alpha Works

As we have said before, it is a new online financial system in Nigeria. You get about 10% of your investment every day, and then you go out to your bank account when you earn N1,000.

Before you can start investing on a platform, you need to register an account with them; and invest in each of their programs.

Go-alpha sign up – How To Register An Account

If you want to register with them, click here to register your account. Once you land on the registration page, enter your phone number and password, and then click the register button. That is, you are successfully registered. Then select each of the plans on the specified section and pay for it.

Go-alpha Login – How To Login To Your Account

To log in to the go-alpha dashboard, go to their login page at and log in to your account. Enter your phone number and password to log in to your dashboard.

Go-alpha Plans / Packages

#1. GoAlpha-C101

Price:3000 naira

Daily Income:₦300

Total Income:₦27,000

Serving Time:90 days

#2. GoAlpha-C102

Price: 5,000 naira

Daily Income:₦525

Total Income:₦47250

Serving Time:90 Days

#3. GoAlpha-C103

Price : 10,000

Daily Income:₦1100

Total Income:₦99000

Serving Time:90 Days

#4. GoAlpha-C104

Price : 30,000

Daily Income:₦3450

Total Income:₦310500

Serving Time:90 Days

#5. GoAlpha-C105

Price : 50,000

Daily Income:₦6000

Total Income:₦540000

Serving Time:90 Days

#6. GoAlpha-C106

Price : 100,000

Daily Income:₦13000

Total Income:₦1170000

Serving Time:90 Days

#7. GoAlpha-C107

Price : 500,000

Daily Income:₦70000

Total Income:₦6300000

Serving Time:90 Days

#8. GoAlpha-C108

Price : 1000,000

Daily Income:₦150000

Total Income:₦13500000

Serving Time:90 Days

So above are the plans available on Go-alpha-ng.

How To Add Your Bank Account Details For Withdrawal

  • Click the button me on the right side button
  • Click Bank details
  • Enter your bank account details correctly
  • Click the Drop button

Once you have done this correctly, your bank account details are set to be removed.

What Is The Minimum Withdrawal On Go -alpha

The minimum withdrawal on this platform is N1,000. Once you have a minimum of N1,000, you can withdraw what you have earned.

How To Withdraw From Go-alpha

To withdraw your money, follow the simple steps below

  • Go to drag the page
  • Select how many you want to remove
  • Click the withdrawal button

Your payment will be credited to your bank account within a few seconds after you click the withdrawal button.

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Go-alpha Referral Program

You get 12%, 8% and 3% transition committees from level 1 to level 3 respectively.

Is Go-alpha Legit Or Scam? – Go-alpha Review

We told you at the beginning of this article that this review is based on our own experience on the website.

We also told you that we have invested in the N5,000 system and are withdrawing N1150 every two days.

The fact that we have invested in a platform does not make it legal and does not mean that it is a scam either. It is our own decision to register and test the platform so we will take any losses if it becomes a scam in the future.

But for now, the platform is up and running, it is your decision to decide whether to register or not.

And if you want to register, register using this web link.

Remember, this is an investment platform so invest in the amount of money you can lose if something happens.

Disclaimer: You take full responsibility for your actions. This post is for educational purposes only and should be treated as such.

Conclusion : Go-alpha Review

GoAlphang is still paying now, if they stop paying in the future, we will keep you updated here so you know what’s going on.

Thanks for reading this review, we hope you enjoyed this post. Please share with your friends on social media. Also consider leaving us a comment below.

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