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Latest Glo free Browsing Cheat Unlimited

Today I’m happy to announce our Subscribers From Nigeria with a New Hot Glo Free browsing Cheat 2021, that works on every Glo SIM Card, what are you thinking about? this cheat is working ?% so be quickly get this cheat before NCC block non linked SIM cards, but if you have NIN and 2 registered Glo SIM you are safe.

glo free browsing cheat 2021
Special Thanks to the chief executive of Entclass ” Victor Kachi” who experiment and verify this Cheat and brought this in sequence to his Telegram Group, in this hard time at the end of this year 2020. This new Glo cheat is able to be activated at any time, but we comprehend the delinquent with Glo, which is slow speed. Anyway, let’s pick up truthful to the point.


This lastest glo cheat is so essay just follow the steps below

  • Opera Mini Two Glo Sim Card with no data
  • 3G or 4G
  • Opera mini bundle for just N25
  1. First of all, get two Glo sim cards. (SIM X and SIM Y)
  2. Take one sim (SIM X), activate Glo Opera mini Daily plan that costs N25 by dialing *777# > social bundles > Opera mini bundle.
  3. Now, share data from SIM X to SIM Y, by dial *127*01*SIM Y Number#
  4. The cheat has been activated successfully Now you can start browsing unlimitedly on your The Opera Mini, the data on the SIM X will not be deducted. You can browse unlimitedly.
  5.  you have to know that if you mistakenly turn off the data for SIM Y, the cheat might stop working. what you have to do for that is to repeat the above steps again by re-subscribing to Opera’s Mini bundle.


  • You can only browse in Opera mini App.
  • You can Watch Videos and do anything.
  • Downloading Work for selective SIM card


That’s all friends. thank you for Visiting, Hope you find this post useful. Don’t forget to ask your questions in the comment section below. Also, do share this post with your best friends

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