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MTN Free Browsing Cheat 24Clan VPN Pro

As you know that MaigambaClass™ is introducing you a new cheats, and tweaking of how you can get a data for free, or at the expense of the other, so  today MaigambaClass™ fund you a new application that you can use it to free the Internet (Free Browsing) named with 24Clan VPN Pro,

with out talking more lets go to how to download and uses this app to free the internet 


How To Set- Up 24Clan VPN Pro 

  1. Install the app and lunch it 
  2. click on the None icon 
  3. Choose one of the MTN free Server, and hit the connect. 
Wait for 20 Second to connect 

Note: 24Clan VPN it disconnect and reconnect due to the sever over load 

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