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How to Apply For NowNow Master Card For Free

NowNow is a new free banking app that allows you to make multiple transactions for free, and the best design that attract users attention, yes you can start with NowNow wallet banking app now and start enjoying the unexceptionable features.

NowNow has the fastest way for money transfer, for any new user can get UpTo N300 on his account but, it’s not necessary to get this bonus, What is important in this information is that you can redeem a free master card after fully verified your account to Tier 2.

It’s very simple to verify your account and start working with your NowNow account right away, As for now your phone number is your account number excluding the first digits like the Opay banking account, Maybe after further upgrades you can be able to have a unique account number.

How to Get Free Physical NowNow Master Card

Make sure you have the following requirements:

~ Download NowNow App On Google Playstore

~ Your account should be verified to Tier 2 or Tier 3

~ Fund your wallet with N1000 to be eligible, but the money is not for card issuance, Nothing is going to happen to it you can withdraw it later, After you applied for the card.

~ If you couldn’t find NowNow when funding your account use Contec Global and your money will get into your NowNow account instantly.

Now haven all these you can proceed to apply for your free Mastercard from nownow app, which can be delivered to your location in few weeks.

I don’t have to teach your how to create a master card from the app as you can do it your self it’s simple, Just make sure you fill your delivery location correctly.

Good luck, Don’t forgot to share with friends and families.

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