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How To Borrow Money From OPay

Are you opay user? We are here to teach you how to borrow money from Opay.  Instead of thinking it’s not possible. folllow us on this articles,

Opay, as we all know, has multiple purposes when it comes to making online payments. With Opay, you can enjoy smooth transfers, pay bills, etc.

Now, we will show you some steps to follow if you want to borrow money from Opay.

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How To Borrow Money From Opay

Before you can borrow money from Opay, you have to follow some details below, if you want to upgrade KYC on your Opay account mostly will be required.

  • Valid bank account
  • identification (NiN, international passport, Drivers License, Voters Card)
  • Utility Bill
  • Good Credit History

The Steps That Can Lead You To Borrow Money From Opay

  • Step 1 Launch The Opay App

When you launch Opay App on your android or iOS device, click on Finance menu which located at the bottom of your screen. Then you will see two divided sections which savings and loans appear on it. Click on loan and then on Okash or Ease moni, After that you will receive a message that says ” OPay is no longer provide access to Blueridge micro finance bank loan apps”.

  • Step 2 Download Any of The Loan Apps

Since we can not take a loan  directly from Opay, we have to download any loan apps. But let us use Okash because they give low-interest rates. So let download Okash from Google Play Sore it available for Android phone only.

  • Step 3 Launch The Okash App

When you download  and then install it. After that open the Okash app. The App will ask you to fill your contacts also enter your phone number to sign up on Okash, then you  will create your 4 digit password.

  • Step 4 Apply For a Loan

from Opay, you will see an option that says Apply Now in the Okash app. Click Apply Now and on the first page you will need to provide some basic information about yourself. It will start with your name, gender, date of birth and Bank Identification Number (BVN). email, residential address, home address, marital status and employment data. You must fill everything correctly. Once done, click the Submit button to proceed to the next step.

  • Step 5 Provide Additional information

On the next slide, you will be asked to provide affiliate contacts. It could be your mother, your brother, your wife or your father. Then you have to do an ID check to prove that you are a real person. Once everything is done, press the submit button and wait a few minutes for your application to be approved.

  • Step 6 Borrow Money From Opay

Once your OKash application is approved, now it’s time to borrow money from Opay. In the Okash app, click on Loans and you will see the amount you can get. If you agree, you can withdraw the money, provide some loan details and the account number where the money will be transferred. You will receive your money immediately.

  • Conclusion

Earning money from Opay is easy, with the instructions we provided in this article. I hope you can apply for a loan and get approved. We are always open to feedback, so if you have any questions, our comment section is open to you.

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