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How To Earn Money With Opera As A Skilled Content Writer

Is content writing your hobby ? Do you want to turn this your profession into making money job, well opera news is here for you, I’m introducing this update to only people who like writing or publishing stuffs on social media if they do create it by themselves.

Before applying this program you need to have a good understanding about opera news hub, and I’m gonna discuss little info and requirements for it.

Opera news hub, stand for those who like writing and publishers, you may have seen news running on your opera homepage when ever you turn on your mobile data, sometimes to receive notification about the trending news.

So all those news you are seeing is not written by opera mini but for the publishers who apply and get approved to write for opera, and this get any one who’s concerned to earn much money from opera mini regarding how clicks or engagements your get from the audience, they also pays you for your hard work when your earnings reach 100$.

What You Need Before Creating Account On Opera News Hub

Opera new hub doesn’t need much to verify your account opening, also you can connect your Facebook account or Gmail account to create and login to your account.

They need your, phone number, email account, national id number, opay account for receiving payment.

How To Create An Account On Opera News Hub

As long as you have all of the documents above then you can kindly click here to get started.

Have a good day.

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