How Get Free 100 Airtime On Kudiwave

Now as the internet is advancing everything concerning it is also developing as now if you look at the way banking is easy using the internet.

In this age inorder to promote on of your internet things you need I successful way to promote it here is the reason behind how you can earn free 100naira Airtime instantly after creating account on kudiwave bank.

Kudiwave is a online bank for social media users especially WhatsApp messenger chat, It’s a simple way of banking that can achieve using your WhatsApp.

How To Get Free Airtime Instantly On Kudiwave?

It’s very simple to create account on kudiwave app, kindly click on the following link: Click Here.

  • After the chat profile appear, send a hi message
  • You will receive a message to save the contact, and create 4 pin code.
  • Having doing that you will receive a congratulations message on your account opening and you will instantly receive ₦100 airtime which can be withdrawn anytime.
  • You can copy and share your referral link to your friends.

please try to share your link with your friends because you will benefit and get commission on any of their transaction, and this will be apply to any of your referral.

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