How To Fix Blury Images In Your Blogger Blog

Designing a good blog is not just enough to deliver a message to your audience, there are also main important things you should put more focus on, like creating an attractive and informative post with good illustrations to your blog followers.
I’m glad if you understand me, if you didn’t here is the way we have a deal. Many times I often seeing people asking how to fix blurred images in blogger on Google search, online forums and social media community groups. If the word blurred is strange to you I’m directly referring it to images that are not in standard quality in your blog posts when ever you uploaded them in your blog posts.
This problem can affect your blog from getting new users and followers to your blogger blog, And with the experience I have for more than 3years of blogging, I have an authentic method where you will avoid seeing blurred images in your blog post, even if how many they are.
If you take a look at some developed blogging website you could notice that their blog posts always loads faster with high quality post images in it. i.e images that are not blurred. You can only see them real not faded.
Many people are saying becoming a WordPress user is the only way you can avoid blurred images in your blog/website and that’s totally not the truth.
If you are a using a website to develop your blog then you have experience more than WordPress user because of blogger is free that doesn’t mean you cannot use it for developing a blog. You just need to focus and study it well, that is the best way you can fix many errors on it.
Now that you heard little information about the blurred images let’s quickly know the reason why images aren’t displaying with high quality in our blog posts.

What Is Making Our Blog Posts Blurred?

Behind the cause of blurry images in our blog post are some mistakes we makes before and after uploading an image to the post we are about to published.
And here we starts with the reasons.
~ Images that are not properly cropped
~ Your images having higher file sizes above “1mb
~ Having format that aren’t (jpg or png)

How To Avoid Blurry Images In Your Blog Post?

Here is the last part and the solution step, If you followed it carefully, then I assured you no any blurred image will be found again on your blog post.
The methods I have here are two which works effectively and below we get started:

Method (1)

~ After you uploaded an image to your blogger post editor change the view: from Compose view to HTML view.
~ Now you can see two links of the image uploaded, go through the two links at the end, find something that look like s#### (# is a number for the image resolution) it always differs with the images you uploaded change it to look like this (s1600).
~ Save the settings & change the view: to Compose view and you will find out that image increase in size never mind that’s the standard size for it.
~ This is how you should be doing for any image uploaded, if this is hard for you, try the next method.

Method (2)

~ After you uploaded an image to your blogger post editor.
~ Click on the image, Below it some option toolbars will display select the last one and change the image to original size.
~ Now after doing that you will noticed that the image change to big size never mind just publish your post.
~ Finally you will find out that your images display in high quality and no blurred image will be found.

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