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How To Buy Cheap Data, Airtime & Pay Bills 2022

Are you getting tired of buying expensive data, waiting for an offer for data plan to be available for you to purchase on your sim network, that’s totally bored right, now believe me I know your problem about buying a strong cheap internet data.

Without much waiting your data will arrive immediately as you click purchase from the app that is the Bilalsadasub App.

Bilalsadasub is the best alternative for you because I have been using it for long time without having any problem regarding it, you can also ask for his support about your funding, withdrawal, Waec scratch card, Cable’s subscription, and bills.

You can buy airtime, simple data as low money as ₦114 without any interruption, and the data must took 1month before expiring.

How To Sign Up On Bilalsadasub

Because now the platform is using both app and website, before proceeding to the app it would be better to sign up first on the official website, Sign Up Here.

After completed registration, now you can request for the app and download it, if you need the app that uses fingerprint then you can contact him by clicking the WhatsApp icon on your bilasadasub dashboard menu.

How To Fund Your Bilalsadasub Account With Money

By hearing the word fund that means you are going to recharge or top up money to your bilasadasub account from your bank that’s so easy, To fund follow the steps:

• From the your bilasadasub account dashboard, click on the plus (+) icon select automated funding.

• 4-5 bank accounts name and account for you will display select one of them and fund it with as low as ₦200

• After successful payment, on any funding ₦50 naira will be remove as a service fee, but I’m telling you that you will enjoy this app when you start buying data.

You can also sell it to everyone and earn more also, hope this app will solve your data problem, regards to Bilalsadasub.

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