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How To Switch To Airtel’s CUG Plan | Airtel CUG Plan Migration Code

We are customers and fans of many networks and in doing so get SIM cards from these carriers to enjoy these benefits.

But in doing so, we may not enjoy the delights that entice us to buy a SIM card and join the network.

No need to throw away your network provider or be scared. All you have to do is switch plans, as each plan has special benefits and features.

I am an Airtel telecom user and I don’t know how to migrate trying to Airtel CUG plan. For those who may ask, the tariff plan refers to certain rights, benefits and costs relating to the products and services provided from time to time.

We’ve covered it in this article, and with the help of this blog post, we’ll show you how to achieve it in a few simple steps.

Airtel Limited is a global telecommunications company with operations in 18 countries across Asia and Africa.

Based in New Delhi, India, the company is one of the world’s top three mobile service providers in terms of staff.

Airtel is a powerhouse of network service providers and justifies itself by the incredible services it provides in the region where it operates.

In order to provide more value to our customers, especially in terms of providing cheaper data, we decided to create different plans during the year.

Any business, organization or group of people is free to call.

CUG subscription is N700 per month. This means you have to pay 700 naira to access the Airtel CUG plan which only lasts for 30 days.

Other than that, I will be posting more blog posts about switching to Airtel and other network plans in the future, so be sure to visit this blog.

So, let’s start this article about migrating to Airtel CUG plan via Airtel CUG migration.

Benefits of migrating to the Airtel CUG plan

If you have an Airtel CUG plan, you will get the following benefits:

CUG RCCG scheme requires less cost for long working hours. See example below.

1. 40 mins for calling N100 only.
2. 80 mins for calling N200 only.
3. Call on N300 only for 120 minutes.
4. You and I call for profit.

• Free Bonus on every recharge.

• Closed User Group (CUG) monthly subscription for N700 only.

• An instant means of communication in the organisation.

Airtel CUG Plan Transfer Requirements

~ Airtel SIM card

~ Cellphone

~ Migration code and manual

~ N700 migration fee (in some cases)

Steps to Migrate to Airtel CUG Plan | Airtel CUG Plan Migration Code

• Go to the phone dialer application.

• Dial *276*200# and click the call button.

• You will receive a message confirming your migration.

• If you do not receive any message, please visit your nearest Airtel office for further enquiries.

How To Check Airtel CUG Plan Expiry Date

~ Go to the phone dialer application.

~ Dial *221*1# and click the call button.

~ Your CUG plan expiry date details will appear on the screen.

How To Unsubscribe from Airtel Talk More

• Go to the phone dialer application.

• Enter the code of the new plan you want to migrate to and name it.

• Follow the instructions on the screen.
You will receive a message confirming that your action has been completed.

• Or you can wait until your CUG plan expires.

I hope you found this article unique and entertaining. Let us know about your Airtel CUG plan transfer experience via Airtel CUG transfer code.

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