How To Apply First Bank Personal Loan

In this Post, we will guide you on First Bank: How to Apply  First Bank Personal Loan.

How to Apply First Bank Personal Loan it very easy and straight forward. Follow this step-by-step and read to the end so you don’t make a mistake while applying for a First Bank personal loan through First Bank.

First Advance

is a digital loan payment solution designed to provide easy and convenient way to earn money for payroll customers who are waiting to pay their bills.

The product is designed for wage earners whose savings account resides with First Bank and has received regular wages in the last six months or more. The maximum amount to be earned is N500,000.00 which will pay 50% of the three-month salary, whichever is less. The amount of interest due is calculated after deducting all other debt obligations to the Bank. This product is available through our digital channels: First Mobile and USSD.

How To Get A First Progress Credit Using Your First Mobile App

  1. Download the First Mobile app recently from the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your phones
  2. Open the menu options in the upper left and select ‘Credit’
  3. Select ‘First Advance’ and accept the terms and conditions

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