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SMEDAN Registration Portal for Loan Application

This year 59 million Nigerians are employed by small and medium enterprises (SMEDAN) Registration Portal for Loan Application, with more than 41 million doing business.

What are you waiting for? Contact the Small Business Development Agency (SMEDAN) today for a loan to start or expand your business / idea.

Why should I apply/Register for SMEDAN?

Register your business in SMEDAN and enjoy many government loans, grants and subsidies.

Did you know that SMEDAN was established to assist small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary tools to grow rapidly?

Who is Eligible to register for SMEDAN?

If you are a Nigerian, have a business idea, age 18 and above,

Benefits SMEDAN Loan Registration

Financial Services: Access to multiple lenders, government and non-governmental organizations, and insurance.
Private Sector Benefits: SMEDAN gives you access to the benefits of the private sector such as the training of experts and consultants with educational content, the opportunity for private investment and more.
Government Benefits: Receive business support from the government by registering with SMEDAN. These benefits include conditional support and a lot more
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Requirements for SMEDAN Online Registration?
Trade name (with or without CAC approval)
Active email address and phone number
National Identification Number
How to Register/Apply for SMEDAN Loan 2022
SMEDAN gives you access to both public and private benefits to help you grow your small business quickly. To apply, visit
Obtain your SMEDAN certification and be empowered with loans and support for your business.

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