Earn up to 9000 ($25) weekly on Zap Surveys

Hi buddy, hello there, although it’s been a while since we brought you the latest on how to make money on the internet aspect, this makes us search and buy another great way to make money online for you without paying for dinner. which is known as Zap Surveys.

Zap Surveys, as its name indicates, is a platform that finds companies that want to hear your views.
and redeem a reward for yourself from the question you answer that is known to be interviewed.

Before we continue, I’d like us to know what the Zap polls are about.
how they operate and what they are capable of ceasing to be.

What are Zap Surveys?
This survey (Zap Surveys) is an Apps That Pay, LLC, a limited liability company from Georgia that respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it by following this policy.

As the name suggests, if you download, install, register, log in or use your application
and the practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting, and not disclosing the information you may provide on its platform.

How do Zap Surveys work?

  • They find companies that may or may need some information from you
    which is also known to be your opinion on something.
  • Additionally, these Zap Surveys platforms take surveys from companies and let them know what to do or what
    what they should think about doing.
    Likewise, you will earn money for every survey you take,

And you must complete all surveys before your money is redeemed to your account or to you. And finally, they transfer your balance into real money.
That you can withdraw money through your PayPal account or through an electronic gift card.

Your charitable donations are not affiliated with Google.

Submit payment processing is not affiliated with Google.

This company, Zap Surveys and LLC, handles all donations once certain surveys are completed.
All donations are made to Action Against Hunger, poll company Zap said.

Zap Surveys Company collects information offline or by any other means.
including any other Company application or website.
including websites that you can access through the Application you provide or that collect information from third parties.

There are websites and applications and these third parties may have their own privacy policies,
which you should read before providing information on or through them as we suggest.

How Zap Surveys Collect Information

They collect information from and about you, the users of the application.
directly from you when you provide them and automatically when you use the app.

When you download, register or use the application.
the mayor will ask you to provide information with which it could contain your personal identification.
such as name, mailing address, email address, telephone number.
Or any other identifier by which you may be contacted online or offline
(“personal information”).

It was also said that users under the age of 18 or
minors under 18 cannot use the application, so if you are a minor
will not be able to participate in the program that is
you will not be able to participate in any of these surveys.

It seems we now know how zap polls work,
how they collect information from their users
and how they use the information they collect from their users now we get to where
how you can participate in their surveys and earn with the application.

How to win with Zap polls
For our review, zap surveys have two main ways to make money from them, which are:

  1. By participating in the Survey program
    (I.e. participating in their survey programs)
  2. referral program
    (This is for referring your friends to the platform)
    It was said that you earn $ 0.45 for every person you successfully invite to the zap survey app
    and probably your friend is also the person you refer to
    they will also earn $ 0.75 in rewards in their wallet.

Prize or cent that will be redeemed for you when you participate in your surveys
it depends on the type of polls you go to
survey prizes range from $ 0.30 to $ 100 o
probably higher depends on the type of surveys you conduct or
that was attached to you location matters a lot too.

List of polls in Zap polls

Remember that there are many similar in different types of polls on
Your platform, where you don’t have to wait for another survey before you can participate. No, there are many surveys that have been ranked three ways by three different companies listed below:

  1. Surveys From Inbrain company
  2. Surveys from Peanutlab company
  3. And lastly Surveys from Research Tab company

They are available to provide you with non-stop surveys that will give you a reward
like cash to increase by participating in their survey programs.

How to participate in Zap surveys

As a Nigerian cause, most of our items are served to Nigerians. If you want to participate in zap surveys, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are some requirements before you can join because it seems these surveys are not designed for us Nigerians but we have found a way to make things work. But if you are from other countries like USA, London and other countries in Europe, you can skip the next step.

How to participate in Zap Surveys as a Nigerian or in other countries

As we said earlier only people that there residential is in USA are said to partake in these surveys but if you are from Nigeria or other countries you can make use of VPN to change your location to USA and get yourself to make use of the app and be part or zap surveys earners.

Procedures / Steps to Enroll in Zap Surveys

  1. First of all download the zap survey app from here
    Please note that the app only works on
    Android smartphone is also available for IOS users.
  2. Open your VPN app and connect to the United States.
    if you don’t have one you can
    order from comment box or our Telegram group to get one.
  3. Now open and install the app, launch the app
    and register after successful registration.
  4. They will provide you with the first question in the survey
    Earn a fantastic $ 6.25 prize or not?

How to opt out of Zap surveys

The withdrawal process in zap surveys is quite simple, as we said earlier, you just need yours
Email PayPal to withdraw your funds from zap surveys or you can get your cash as an electronic gift card. They have 12 payment methods that you can check after successfully opening the app.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can check here to get one or click here to create a PayPal account that you can send and receive in Nigeria.

Things to note about the Zap polls

  • Always participate in surveys of INBrain Company
    because others will not work for you as a Nigerian.
  • The withdrawal limit from Zap surveys is $ 25
    So you have to hit or win up to $ 25 dollars before you can withdraw from
    the platform for the withdrawal threshold is $ 25.
  • If you’re having trouble getting a good VPN
    which will work for you join our Telegram channel to get one or join e
    contact the administrator, he will give you one from Telegram.
  • If you don’t have a valid PayPal, go ahead and click here to get one.

If you have any problems with the registration process, please show them the comment box and wait for an immediate response.


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