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How To Turn MTN 1.5GB Night Plan On N150 And 2GB On N200

MTN is still struggling to provide low-cost nightly data. As we can see, the new MTN night plan system that offers Accumulation system up to 2GB over N200 and 1.5GB over N150 and used from 11AM to 6AM speaks louder than words.

Previously,MTN nightly plans were available from 12am to 5am, but it seems the tables are close as MTN new night plan comes with a new style, which allows MTN customers to register 2000mb of 2000mb for only N200 and 1500mb for N150 only.

Things to Note About the MTN 2GB Night Plan at N200 and 1.5GB at N150

  • MTN Night Plan does not cheat for free as it does for free.
  • MTN Night Plan is not Unlimited.
  • Two parts of MTN nightly payment system include N25 over 250MB and N50 over 500MB respectively.
  • MTN nightly subscription plan starts from 11am and ends at 6am.
  • MTN night time plan can be done only 4 times.
  • This is what we should inform you about the new MTN 2GB night payment plan for N200 and N150 for 1.5GB.


How to launch MTN Night Plan in 2022

Open your iPhone or Android dialer and enter your USSD code *406*3# to see if there are any plans for MTN nightly subscription plans. (If MTN pulse is not already activated, just click *406*1# to migrate to MTN Pulse).

Select your favorite MTN Night life plans ( N25 on 250MB or N50 on 500MB). Don’t forget the MTN night program now is 11pm to 6am daily.

how to store MTN night plan up to 1.5GB and 2GB

To collect MTN overnight subscribing system, repeat the subscription system and then overnight. MTN N150 night plan over 1.5gb, all you have to do is turn on MTN N50 on 500mb 3 in a row.

Finally, How To Check The MTN Night Plan Data Balance In 2022

To view existing mtn night life either N25 over 250mb or N50 over 500mb then dial ussd code *406*3*3#

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