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How To Get Space on Your Phone Without Deleting Anything

Hi ArewaTechBlog reader we have bring you the way you can Acquired  Space without deleting anything on Your Phone


Maybe you have reason to think about buying a SD Card just because your phone is slowing down due to lack of memory. This is very frustrating and the cost associated with buying a SD Card can be a factor. Often getting the message “The amount of storage runs out of space” can be frustrating. This is because, most of the time you can delete some important files in your phone like your songs and good videos and you still get the warning.

You may have removed some important applications from your phone to free up space. Of course, you know that you do not have to buy a SD Card. The problem is that there is a hidden file in your phone that takes up a lot of memory space in your phone.

The funny thing is, the file is also not useful to you. I will take you through the steps on how to find this file on your phone.

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Step you’ll take to get space without deleting anything

Step 1

The hidden file is called a thumbnail, and is located in the DCIM folder in your android phone. All you have to do is go to your file manager, find the DCIM folder, click it to find the thumbnails. After that, delete the small image.

Of course, this thumbnail cannot be viewed just because you did not enable “show selection of hidden files”. You must enable “Show hidden files selection” from the three icons above. When the sub-file shows, delete it.

Step 2

To log in to your phone’s software, from the options you see, select the “Clean” option. After you select you will be shown the folders. Click on the “Folders” icon

From the picture above you can see the folders are taking up 7.98GB of memory of your phone.

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