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You can see what someone doing with your phone using this application

dear brothers and sisters, welcome back to this new lesson, today we are going to explain a very useful application that will help you a lot on your mobile phones.

What is this Application?

Its name (4 in 1) is actually an application that is not available in the Playstore, but it is very useful in tracking who uses your phone, calls! where do they go inside

if someone takes it, so they will read all that he does with the phone.

What are the benefits of this Application?

The main function of this app is that you can either lend your phone is for tracking the all processes that someone follows when he carried your phone, some times you may give some person your phone to do something specific, so you can use this application to sure that you do what he asks you to do with your phone

When you first enter it, you will see four faces each face is very simple and very simple and easy to learn, so we will explain how to use it.

How to download it?

As I told you this app is not available in the play store. You click on the link below to directly to show the Arabic  in your browser, then click it to start downloading

Download it Here

You can directly click Install and start using it, I’m sure you will enjoy this Application.

I hope you enjoy this Application,

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