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The perfect way you can download YouTube videos for free in any Android phone zero data required

As you can see, it becomes a difficult you thing to down-load video I Nigeria, because most people don’t either have money to purchase data or we don’t see reasons to do that.

But today, I will teach you an easy method of getting videos without paying for data

Watching YouTube videos is what we mostly do in our spare time. Although it requires a lot of data and also the videos are often buttered, most of time we may want to download these YouTube videos for offline viewing.

Unfortunately YouTube will not allow us to do this successfully unless we pay for it l, which is extremely painful

Now, these are the steps to download the free videos on YouTube.

Step1. Download and install a YouTube video downloader on your PC (computer)

Step2. Just enter your YouTube and right click on the video you want to download to copy it. The link address.

Step3. Try run the downloader, and also ensure to past the copied link into the program,then you can select the video quality, the finally tap the download button.

Step4. The program will start downloading the video immediately. One it’s finished you can now transfer the downloaded video to your Android phone using a USB cable or other ways

That it, it’s not difficult but very simple.

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