New platform called OZC Smart Chain gives free 10$ airdrop to new members

Free 10$ airdrop OZC Smart Chain (simple sign up) to receive your 10$ airdrop wallet for free.

Q. what is OZC Smart Chain I all about?

Ans. OZC Smart Chain is new generation blockchain platform, using the multilayered O-D pos consensus algorithm, ability to quickly process transaction at near zero cost.

OZC Smart Chain is a new trust wallet   like Bitcoin, Ethereum e.t.c.

Ozc Coins is OZC Smart Chain native coin it can be used for

=> Payment of transaction fees

=> Payment for creation and use of smart contracts on OZC Smart Chain. and so on

Information about the OZC ICO issued

Total number of OZC Coins available for sales is a maximum of 120,000,000 OZC (60%) distributed into 12 blocks, including the amount of OZC Coins available for purchase with the free airdrop wallet bonus given to member.


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