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How to listen someone phone calls with Android device

Technology proves reliable and efficient. Now technology is the backbone of human effort. A few years later, China and the United States introduced a human being who had the ability to act like a human being. The robot speaks and acts exactly like humans. Banks, organizations are now using technology. As you can see for yourself, that you can easily listen to anyone’s calls on your phone. That means, you can be in China and listen to everyone’s call easily.

This system is mostly used by security officers, fraudsters, and co-workers. So in this article, I will show you how you can easily listen to anyone’s calls on your phone.

However, the system is divided into two parts, the first method does not require the use of any application, all that is required is your android phone and probably air time while the second method requires the use of the app


1. Android phone

2. Wind time

3. The person you want to spy on a phone number

How To Listen To Someone’s Call On Your Phone.

This are the ways

1. Take your android phone

2. On your dial number, dial 61 person number and #. For example dial * 61 * 08067587968 #

3. After typing the number, then quickly click send

After that, wait well and you will see the delivery of the call. This means that you can easily listen to your friends’ phone calls

4. To cancel the above procedure, press # 61 #

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