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Download Ha Tunnel Files hat For Free Browsing Cheat 2021

ha tunnel files download. This is a Ha Tunnel Post for downloading Lastest and Updated Ha Tunnel Files (.hat) as you know before, we are providing only HTTP Injector Ehi and NapsternetV npv4 files, so now we decided to share the Ha Tunnel Files for you as well as what we did for HTTP Injector and Napsternet.

Ha Tunnel is Turneling VPN that uses the existing connection protocols such as SSH2.0,  and we can use this Ha Tunnel to Provide Free secure and unlimited free browsing cheat, Ha Tunnel has a configuration file .hat extension, it is an encrypted text file containing all the information that was defined before exporting it

This Post contains some Ha Tunnel (hat) Configuration files of Some Internet Service Providers (isp) and For Countries, you can download ha tunnel file, the one that available to your countries and enjoy your Free Browsing Cheat.

Feature Of Ha Tunnel

  • Fast and Secure in connection.
  • Import and export Hat File.
  • Inbuild Servers.
  • Different Connection Mode.
  • Auto Reconnect if connection lost.
  • Each user is given a randomly generated ID by the application to connect to the server

Download Ha Tunnel Here

so without westing of time, i will take directly for the Ha tunnel Config File, we have arranged the file hat config file according to Countries, which means you can see the available file for your countries isp and status of the file if they are active or they are blocked,  and also that will make easier to find in in table of content.

Note: After your Donload the Files Make sure you Select the Server and and Port not that Port must be 443. Then the file come with .txt after Download, so you must rename it and delete .txt before you add it to Ha tunnel

Download Ha Tunnel Config Files for Nigeria

it is big for  Nigeria since they have an Airtel Unlimited and Glo, we have a 9Mobile and MTN also, download the Hat config files in the Table Below, the files Are valid for one week (7days) so always don’t forget to come back this page and download a new one, or Join our Telegram Group to get new files, also don’t forget one thing it can be with the password use “arewatechblog” as the password.

Network Status
Download Airtel 50 hat File Active 
Download MTN 50MB hat file

Download MTN 500MB hat file

Download 9Mobile 150MB hat file Blocked

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Download Ha Tunnel hat file Vodacom / Halotel Tanzania

also Vodacom and Halotel Tanzania, are enjoying it because all their tweaks were Unlimited so be quick to download it enjoy your Unlimted Free Browsing cheat files, Join Our Telegram Group.

Network Status
Download Vodacom Unlimted hat File Blocked
Download Airtel Unlimted hat File Blocked


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