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New Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing for Fast V2ray VPN, Injector and NapsternetV

Hello’s buddy!, today’s post is gonna be awesome and dedicate for you, as we keep on working hard day and night, we have discovered a new way to surf the internet and social media unlimitedly, on Airtel Nigeria network sim, this unlimited free browsing is working in all of the latest free browsing VPN apps including Fast V2ray VPN, Http Injector and NapsternetV, and here I’m glad to share this free browsing files and settings with you.

But before that, if you could remember recently we usually share our free browsing settings and files with you only on the Http Injector and other VPN apps.

But now we are using more fasted and highly security free browsing VPN to privately secure our free browsing VPN users for Fast V2ray VPN, Http Injector and NapsternetV connections to be more stable and secure, Let’s dive into what gather us here guys!.

Airtel Nigeria Unlimited Free browsing Cheat Setups Via Fast V2ray VPN

Fast V2ray VPN is a simple free browsing android tool app used worldwide to privately secure your android device’s internet connections and also its main use to unlimitedly surf your internet and social chat connection in any locations ranging from Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and other countries.

Fast V2ray VPN is an App that the admin of ArewaTechBlog Build and Develop it for free Browsing tweaks and Cheat based on the requirements along your regions, This Free browsing works smoothly and super fast when using Fast V2ray VPN for your internet connections.

Features Of Fast V2ray VPN

  •  Super Fast and Smooth Internet Connection.
  • Compatible with Any Android Phone, meaning you can install this app on any android device been it Vivo, Gionee, Motorola, Samsung, Infinix, and others with facing installation issues.
  • You can update the config files online or offline.
  • Can be Installed and Support the android version from v5.0.1 to the least version.

Requirement for Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing Via Fast V2ray VPN

  • Get an Airtel Nigeria SimCard With Zero Balance and Data.
  • Download The Latest Version Of Fast V2ray VPN From Playstore
  • 3G or 4G network is required for stable and fast connection.

How To Setup This Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing On Fast V2ray VPN App:

After you downloaded And installed the Latest Fast V2ray VPN App from the play store, next is to launch the app, that you will now view several tweaks for free browsing from this Fast V2ray VPN App and then choose a tweak with Airtel Unlimited on it From the tweak server list, and toggle of the start button and start enjoying the Airtel Unlimited free browsing when it gets connected, in the case you can’t get find any tweak server from the app you can click on the triple line sign from app left side and click on the update config files, in few second this files will be updated and you can choose Airtel Unlimited from the option and the Airtel Unlimited Free browsing on Fast V2ray VPN App.

Airtel  Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Setups Via Http Injector:

without taking too much like what we did for Fast V2ray VPN, you already knew how http injector works, if not Learn More Here, All that you have to do is to download http injector from playstore, if you have one then you have to update it, then Download Airtel Unlimited ehi File here.

airtel unlimited free browsing

import the file and click on connect button. note: http injector files are expiring every 7 days, you should come back to this page and update your ehi file regularly.

 Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Setups Via Napsternet VPN

Download napsternetV VPN is just like the Http injector since it’s working configuration file, download Airtel Unlimited npv3 file here, Valid for 7days.

airtel unlimited free browsing

Open the app tab on + sign at the top right, then click on import npv3 config file and then locate where you download and tab on it, and hit the connect bottom.

That all guys

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