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How To Create Http Injector file Nigeria for Free Internet

here in this page  you are able to learn How To Create Http Injector file 2021 for free internet Nigeria. Do you want to be able to create Http Injector File which you can use to get free internet access, Hi friends, in today’s tutorial we will going to teach you how to create HTTP Injector File working in Nigeria ,

note: note this is the old method of create http injector file

how to create ehi file for http injector 2021 is coming 

how to create http injector file
In this http injector, which is free for browsing, you must combine it with a file which can make it to perform,  this file is called SSH File
First of all, you must create your own SSH file, that you can make it through  the following websites
which you can find it on the google search  


  1. sshkit .com
  2. fastssh .com

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By using the sshkit
Open your google  to make a search with
  • This three thing. Hostname, Username, Password, are SSH Account copy them all 
 > click on create account 
>Then chose the country server you want
> Click on the log in to your Google Account

>Then Create a password and summit scroll down and wait for it to show your Hostname, Username, Password, and expires date, 
how to create http injector file
 Note that is you must to get SSH before the you able to create http injector file how to create http injector file


First after you create your SSH Account you must to go to the http injector and put the ssh account to that http injector. 
> go to your Remote Proxy and type, then in the next box put 8080
but note that always the proxy and port is change due to the  different countries and ISP server

how to create http injector file

> on the top left Click on the triple line, then payload,  fill like this the following image URL/HOST then click on the generate payload 
                                            how to create http injector file
>  Click on the Top right setting, SSH Setting, and tap Secure Shell (SSH)
>So in here you will fill your SSH Account that you create at the back step
  • SSH HOST = fill with your SSH Host name 
  • SSH PORT  = fill with 443
  • Username    = fill with your SSH username 
  • Password     = fill with your SSH password
then go back to menu 
how to create http injector file
Then Click on the Start, it will connect with 30 second 
That’s All 

If you have a question ask on the comment box below 

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