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How to Active WhatsApp Dark Mode Technology 2021

As the Apps now uses the “Dark Mode” effect, the user enjoys using their software, especially in the night or in the dark, as almost everyone moves the phone consciously close to the eye. set to build a good image, then this Dark mode helps a little to see and protects your eyes from light radiation.
so follow this to to learn How to Active WhatsApp Dark Mode
How to Active WhatsApp Dark Mode



What is WhatsApp Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a technology that is built on software, to convert the image to the Black Background.
WhatsApp has been using Dark Mode for the past year, which allows people to use it for better viewing and protection of their eyes, in addition to helping the phone’s battery to reduce battery charge while using the app. WhatsApp.


First of all, if it is an Android Phone You can enter your WhatsApp setting by clicking the three-dot icon above.
Then click Chats, then Theme, then click “Dark” in the box that you will see.
If it’s ISO
open your WhatsApp Settings Then click on “Display and Brightness”
And then tab on “Dark“.

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