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Latest Free Browsing Cheat Setting For ALTAUFIK VPN

ALTAUFIK VPN is a free HTTP/SSH/SSL TUNNEL VPN that helps in encrypting and protecting your IP and internet browsing with an ultimate high-speed internet connection. Optimizing for Android, ALTAUFIK VPN helps protect your Wi-Fi hotspot security and guards your online record privacy. you are entirely anonymous and secure with ALTAUFIK VPN.


This ALTAUFIK  VPN is a new model of 24Clan VPN  and it comes with a new some features updated that the old one doesn’t have, and it very easy to use, no matter you can use it again to powered all internet activities, like when you subscribe to a social plan, Facebook, or social pack with an In-built saver, so this ALTAUFIK VPN it can use to enforce the social plant to browse anything like live streaming on youtube videos and other, without taking so much of time to let as scroll down to the how-to enjoy this big deal.
Feartures Of Altaufik VPN
  • Free Unlimited Access to The world of browsing. Enjoy!
  • UI Design 
  • IN-Built Saver 
  • Very Fast
  • Wifi- Hotspot Security.
  • E.T.C


like what I told you it very simple and easy, just read the steps 

  1. An Android Phone 
  2. MTN Sim Card 3G / 4G
  3. Download ALTAUFIK VPN Here 

  • After you successfully download it from the above link 
  •  Install it and Launch it 
  • On “Auto-Select” Choose MTN Free Server.
  • Then in “Direct” scroll down and choose Tweak for your country and Hit the Connect Button 
That all 

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