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How to Block people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups

Sometimes you will find peoples adding you in groups without your full consent, maybe you don’t like it. so why don’t you stop them from doing that? This post will show you how to blocks people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups.
WhatsApp has come up with a new Group privacy Setting that works on peoples who’s put others in a group without their permission. Now you can choose who will add you in the group and block someone from adding you to the group. 

Note: Users can invite you with a link to join groups manually even if you blocked them from adding you to groups. 

How To Stop Users From Adding You To Whatsapp Groups

  • lanch your Whatsapp
  • Go to the Setting>Account>Privacy >Group and them take action,  you have 3 choices 1- Everyone 2- My Contacts 3– my Contacts except.
That all my friends. I hope this post helps make sure you tab on the belt icon at your right side and leave a comment in the comment box below 

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