How To Fix Ad Limited on Adsense /.Admob Account

a few months ago Google Adsense / Admob  start placing Ad limited in some website and Android Applications, that cause  your Website and Android Application showing a blank Ads, so in this post, I will show how to fix the problem,

This Method is 100%  Working 

If you are using a Website, What you have to do is go and Remove all Ad unit code in your website, so in 7 days come back and log in to your Adsense account you will find that Ad Limited Disappear.
     To remove ad code in your website/blogger
  • In your blogger menu 
  • Click on Earning and copy your publisher ID 
  • Go back to Theme  and  Click on Edit HTML  
  • Press Ctrl – F
  • Search  your publisher ID,  and delete them all 
  • Click Save Theme 
That All 
so if you follow these steps,  7 days letter you go find your account safe,

This Method is 100% Working, and Tested by me, Mr. Umar Maigamba

if you have a question ask in the comment box below, and if you use this method and it works for pls come back and drop your site link and comment here 

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